Heaven Hill Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon Review

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Heaven Hill puts out as wide a variety of products as anyone in the business. To my knowledge, please correct me if I’m wrong, they also put out more bottled in bond whiskeys than any other major distillery. The Heaven Hill Bottled-In-Bond, Old Style Bourbon as the label states, is a six-year, charcoal filtered bourbon. If you’ve never heard of this one, don’t feel too bad because it’s really only available in Kentucky. That coupled with the fact that it’s not even listed on the distillery’s website has turned this into a bit of a budget bourbon secret. Heaven Hill Bonded is often compared to another budget BIB made by the same distillery, Evan Williams Bottled-In-Bond (Check out my review here). While the two do share some characteristics, the extra time spent in a barrel smooths this one out while also adding a bit of depth.

Name: Heaven Hill Bottled-In-Bond

Product Info:
ABV: 50%, 100 Proof
Age: 6 years
Company / Distillery: Heaven Hill
Mash Bill: 75% Corn, 13% Rye, 12% Barley
Price: $10-13

Appearance: Chestnut, Tawny

Nose: Oak, Caramel, Brown Sugar, a bit of Dried Fruit

Taste: Oak up front, Rye Spiciness, Caramel

Finish: Fairly short and smooth, Oak and Caramel, Vanilla hangs around longest

Overall: Nothing to wow you away, that is, until you look at the price tag. Incredibly smooth and fairly light-bodied for 100 proof. Can’t say I’ve tasted this blind, but I would imagine most people would definitely guess the price to be several dollars higher than it is. While it may not be something I’d seek out at a bar, I would absolutely consider keeping a stock of this at home as an everyday drinker. It’s typically not distributed in the Indianapolis area, where I live…but it’s definitely something I’ll be grabbing a few bottles of any time I’m in Kentucky. Evan Williams Bonded has become my go-to, every-day drinker recently, but this one would be some serious competition if it was easier to get in my area. Heaven Hill puts out products across the entire price spectrum…this Old Style Bourbon is a refreshing reminder that you don’t always have to reach for the top shelf for a good drink.

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