Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Just like everyone else (or so it seems), I’m still rushing to finish my Christmas shopping with less than a week before the big day. I’m already a professional procrastinator year round, and Amazon is definitely an enabler of that trait around the holidays. Nothing beats knocking out your entire shopping list within the hour without having to get off the couch. If you’re looking for a last minute gift for a bourbon or beer lover in your life, check out the list below. As with everything on Amazon, prices, availability, and delivery estimates vary quite a bit based on stock. As of Wednesday morning though, all of these items are in stock and estimated to arrive prior to Christmas with free prime shipping.

For the Bourbon Reader

Bourbon Curious, Fred Minnick – $14.41 on Amazon

  • Filled with history, production methods, and tasting tips, this is a must-have on the bookshelf for any true bourbon lover.

Rum Curious, Fred Minnick – $5.44 on Amazon

  • Yeah, I know, it’s not bourbon…but just like Bourbon Curious, this one is packed with information on a spirit with just as much to be appreciated as our beloved American spirit.

The Old Fashioned, Robert Simonson – $15.19 on Amazon

  • A book I continually come back to, this one contains a fascinating thorough history of the classic whiskey cocktail followed by 60 pages of recipes and variations. Whether the Old Fashioned is your drink of choice, or you don’t know the first thing about bitters, it’s a book I’d highly recommend any bourbon lover to pick up.

For the Bourbon Drinker

Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glasses, Set of 2 – $17.50 on Amazon

  • Although a number of companies have claimed to create the perfect bourbon glass over the past few years, it’s a little like reinventing the wheel in my opinion. There’s a reason this is the glass you’ll see at distilleries worldwide.

Sipping Stones, 100% pure Soapstone – $7.95 on Amazon

  • Taking “on the rocks” to a new level. Keep these stones in the freezer so they’re always ready for a perfectly chilled glass of bourbon without the dilution that comes with ice.

Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds, Set of 2 – $9.99 on Amazon

  • But who says dilution is always a bad thing? When I’m drinking something high proof, like Old Grand Dad 114 or Stagg Jr, a large chunk of ice helps to mellow out the alcohol while also allowing the whiskey to open up. These Tovolo molds make two perfectly round, slow-melting ice spheres.


For the Beer Lover

Libbey Belgian Beer Glass 16 oz, set of 4 – $29.99 on Amazon

  • They may be labeled “Belgian” glasses, but these glasses work well for many styles of beer. The tulip shape, similar to the idea of the Glencairn whiskey glasses, helps you get the most out of the aroma and taste – not to mention they look great.

USA Beer Cap Map $39.99 on Amazon

  • Buy one for you and one for them. First to finish the map with a beer from each state wins a 6 pack. If you’re not done by February, you’re not trying hard enough.

Beer Soap, 6 pack – $37.99 on Amazon

  • I mean yeah, a six-pack of porter or coffee stout is always appreciated but when you’re looking for something they wouldn’t buy themselves, give the gift that allows them to start each day the same way they end it, smelling like beer.


For the Homebrewer

Beer Wort and Wine Refractometer $27.99 on Amazon

  • This handy tool takes the place of a standard hydrometer in your standard homebrew equipment kit and measures specific gravity which allows you to determine your alcohol content. While a hydrometer requires several ounces to get an accurate reading, this refractometer only takes a few drops, which means less beer for science and more beer for drinking.

12 oz Amber Beer Bottles, 24 Pack – $19.93 on Amazon

  • Pretty self-explanatory here, can’t bottle beer without bottles.

Homebrewer’s Companion Second Edition, Charlie Papazon – $10.98 on Amazon

  • A must-have resource for any homebrewer, the second edition of this classic guide includes new recipes, insight, tips, and resources for taking your brewing to the next level.


Good luck with your last minute shopping, and remember, if none of these work out a six-pack of great beer or a bottle of good bourbon is always a welcomed gift. Happy Holidays!

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