Indiana Sunday Sales Finally Legal

On December 5, 1933 when the 21st amendment was ratified, buying alcohol in the United States was once again legal. Just over 84 years later, adults over 21 in the state of Indiana can finally purchase carryout alcohol seven days a week.

Eric Holcolm Signs Bill Allowing Sunday Sales of Alcohol

Wednesday afternoon, Governor Eric Holcomb signed Senate Bill 1, which immediately allows Sunday carryout sales between noon and 8 p.m. by grocery stores, convenience stores and liquor stores. Prior to this, Indiana was the only state that did not allow carryout alcohol sales on Sundays with the exception of growler fills and carryout bottles at distilleries (There are still several states that do not allow liquor sales on Sundays).

While March 4th may be business as usual for grocery stores and convenience stores who are already open 7 days a week, small business package liquor stores have been preparing for this change by updating work schedules and preparing to hire, train and license new employees. Grocery and convenience stores still will not be able to sell cold beer, however, that privilege still belongs exclusively to liquor stores. I for one am interested to see how Sunday sales will affect growler sales which have long been the only way to take some cold beer home on Sundays.


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