Hi I’m Blake and I like bourbon and beer. I live in Indianapolis, which may not have the biggest bourbon scene but the craft brewery scene certainly makes up for it (and it’s conveniently just a couple of hours from Louisville). I won’t waste your time with some story about how my family has worked for Heaven Hill for generations…Mostly because it wouldn’t be true.

I started drinking bourbon in college and after a weekend on the Bourbon Trail shortly after, I became obsessed. I’ve always enjoyed sharing my love for bourbon and craft beer with my friends and family and in 2014 I decided to start a blog and twitter account to share that love with others. Between finishing school and settling into adult life with a real job, the blog got put on the back burner and sat pretty empty for a couple of years. With a little more time to spare recently, the blog has become my place to share what I know and learn, what I enjoy, and what I do. I am a Certified Bourbon Steward who enjoys writing reviews, cocktail recipes, background and history, current industry happenings…really just about anything related to bourbon and beer. In addition to what I do here, I regularly contribute to Whiskey Corner, a blog produced by The ABV Network.


Thoughts, questions, suggestions? Please get in touch, I appreciate any feedback I can get!


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