Founders Backwoods Bastard Beer Review

Founders Brewing Company, based in Grand Rapids, MI is known quite well for their regular, year-round lineup which includes a variety of styles all with that quintessential Michigan touch to them. Among beer enthusiasts, however, their Barrel Aged Series is really where they shine. Just as bourbon lovers gear up for Pappy chasing each fall, … Continue reading Founders Backwoods Bastard Beer Review

Henry McKenna Single Barrel Bourbon Review

According to Heaven Hill's Website, Henry McKenna Single Barrel is the longest aged Bottled-In-Bond bourbon on the market today. While numerous products on the shelf have lost their age statement recently, Heaven Hill proudly continues to print the words “Aged 10 Years” at the top of this label. There’s been quite a bit of hype … Continue reading Henry McKenna Single Barrel Bourbon Review